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What We Do

Digital Estimating / Takeoffs - Complete and Free
Once you download your PDF blueprints into the software, enjoy the easiest calculate square feet and lineal feet in any room or any wall. Then send your customer to verify all the tile locations and patterns are correct.
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Two Dimensional Wall Tile Drawings - Partially Complete and Free
Create 2D wall tile drawings to scale that any installer will know exactly where to put every piece/cut of tile.
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Augmented Reality - Pending Funding
View your tile selections in real time through your phone on your jobsite so you can get a better feel of what our finished product will look like. No more hearing from our customers "I can't picture what that will look like".
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Digital Asset Monetization & Displays - Concept Phase
Using blockchain technology to connect the flooring / tile industry to their customers. We are helping them use the digital images of their existing catalogs and converting them in to NFTs to help expand their sale into the metaverse and open a new line of revenue.
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